‘Tis the Season

12 Dec

This time of year, the Guard Cats put their usual duties on hold and, like many of us, indulge in the festive spirit of the holiday season. The holidays got off to a great, and certainly a fulfilling start with the Thanksgiving feast.

Brother did his part by sitting on the stove top and making sure the burners were kept clear.


Sophia was glad to offer assistance by sniffing the fruits and veggies to make sure they were properly ripe.


Stella helped too. That is, if you consider sitting on the counter and staring at random things for long periods of time “helping.”


After the meal was cooked and the feast began, the Guard Cats ate…and ate…and ate…and, you get the idea!


Needless to say, after their very nourishing and plentiful dinner, the Guard Cats participated in a common after-dinner activity on Thanksgiving….a nap!


Happy Holidays from the Guard Cats! See you in 2014…


Happy Halloween from the Guard Cats!

31 Oct

BrotherSophia    Stella

Rested, Recovered and Ready for More Action!

10 Dec

After a break from their duties for a variety of reasons, the GuardCats will soon be back to tell their tales of adventure. Stay tuned for the ongoing antics of Stella, Sophia and Brother…

Stella Guides Them Through

12 Sep

From previous adventures, we all know that the Guard Cats are not big fans of thunderstorms.  So, just imagine their reaction when, over the past few weeks, the Guard Cats went through an earthquake and a hurricane!  However, in true, brave Guard Cats’ fashion, even though the rumblings of the earthquake and the roars of the winds and rain made them scared, they worked as a team and stood by their posts.  As the leader of the group, Stella kept a close eye on Brother and Sophia to make sure they hung in there. 

She reassured them and let them know that they would be okay and the storms would pass.  She gave up her own nap time to help Sophia and Brother watch out the windows for intruders and even gave them “kisses” to make them feel better!

When Brother wanted to go to sleep because he was scared, Stella helped tuck him into bed. 

And, when Sophia wanted to take a nap….well, Stella joined her– because even Stella can’t resist a good cat nap! 

Despite the weather problems, the Guard Cats still fearlessly protected the villa.  In the end, they’re all back to normal.  That is, until Stella saw something across the room….

Until next time….

Stay Away From Me!

29 Aug

Stella is not shy at all.  She has no problem greeting strangers, deals well with odd noises, and she very rarely gets startled. 

There is one thing, though, that causes Stella great grief and concern.  It’s not the sight of the cat carrier, not a trip to the vet, nor even getting too close to running water.  Rather, her arch-enemy is the vacuum cleaner!

She was doing her usual thing in her usual place, and she suddenly heard the subtle sound of the closet door opening, giving her a clue that the vacuum may be coming out.  Stella waited in silence trying to listen for the sounds of the cord being plugged in and the vacuum being prepared for use. 

At the first sound of the vacuum, she sprinted up the stairs and quickly dove under the bed to get away from this “creature.”  She hid as best she could, leaving only a small opening for her to keep an eye out for it getting closer.  “Watch out…watch out,” Stella said to Sophia and Brother.  “Keep your tail and toys away from that thing!” she reminded the other Guard Cats.  Sophia wasn’t paying attention to Stella, however, as she was having a rare moment of vanity enjoying her reflection in the mirror.

Brother heard Stella, but he wasn’t startled by the vacuum probably because he was too tired to move.

Stella was shocked at how calm Sophia and Brother remained as the vacuum got closer.  “Get back, get back!” Stella warned.

The vacuum kept moving closer and it backed Stella near the corner.  “I warned you,” she repeated.  “Now, I’m fighting back,” Stella shouted as she puffed up and hissed causing the vacuum to become silent and stop moving. 

“Whew…keep that thing away from me!” Stella said as Mom put the vacuum back in the closet.  “Now, I can finish my nap,” she thought as she crawled to one of her favorite spots. 

“I hope that’s over with,” Stella commented under her breath.  The vacuum episode was over with for now, but the Guard Cats were about to see another unwelcome guest.

Until next time….

Brother’s Gettin’ Good

22 Aug

The Guard Cats were taking their usual nap in the living room of the Villa on a sunny afternoon.  Stella was perched atop the sofa, Sophia chose the chair, but Brother couldn’t quite sleep as he thought he saw something across the room.  So, he climbed on the fireplace mantle to get a better look.

He paced to the left and took a look.

And, he paced to the right and took a look.

Then, he took a closer look across the room, and he saw what it was!

He quickly jumped off of the mantle and sprinted across the room.  He slipped and slided on the hardwood floors, but managed to jump up and grab the intruder right off of the table!

“I got another one,” he bragged to Stella and Sophia as he sat with his “catch of the day.” 

“Great work,” Stella said to Brother as she and Sophia watched from the kitchen counter. 


“I think that’s enough work for me for the next few days,” Brother said.  “I’m worn out from catching all of these intruders and can barely keep my eyes open.

And with that, Brother was given a well-deserved rest and Stella and Sophia took control, or at least they tried to.

Until next time…

Kitchen Caper

17 Aug

The Guard Cats are fresh off of Brother’s triumph of nabbing the flourescent green-colored mouse.  They continued to patrol the Villa, and as they got near the kitchen, Stella shouted, “I think I see one!” So, she put on her night-vision goggles to get a better look.

“It’s still there,” Stella said.  “Let’s go higher up…we need to keep watching it without it seeing us.”  And, with that instruction from Stella, the Guard Cats quickly climbed all the way to the top of the kitchen cabinets.  “Hurry up! Put on your night-vision goggles to see better,” Stella commanded as the Guard Cats followed her lead.

“There it is! There it is!” Sophia shouted.  Now, they all saw the intruder.  “Let’s get him, let’s get him!” Brother said as he now has confidence in his ability to get intruders.  The Guard Cats got into position and were ready to dive attack the intruder.  Just as they were  about to attack, the kitchen light went on and Dad walked in.  “Why is this on the floor?” Dad thought to himself. 

“Oh well, it must have fallen off the shelf,” he muttered.  He moves to pick it up and the Guard Cats are amazed that Dad is going to deal with the intruder himself.  “Wait, wait, we’ll help you, ” Stella told him as she made sure the intruder couldn’t get closer to Dad. 

“Whew! That was a close one,” Brother said as he wiped his brow.  “Yes it was, but we need to get rid of the intruders before Dad sees them,” Stella reminded the crew.  “Now, he probably thinks we’re not doing our jobs! I’m putting my night vision goggles back on and watching out the window for more intruders,” she sternly said as they returned to the sill.

“We’ll have to prove to Dad that we’re good Guard Cats,” Stella explained.  Shortly after, the Guard Cats would get their chance!

Until next time…

Brother Nabs One!

13 Aug

Brother sleeps quite a bit… a lot, actually, even for a house cat. 

He must truly get his rest and rejuvenate while he’s asleep, though, because when he wakes up, he always has a lot of energy.

‘You hear that?” Brother asks Stella and Sophia. 

“Hey! You guys hear that,” Brother has to repeat as Stella and Sophia are already asleep.


“Oh no! Oh no!….I guess I’m on my own for this one,” Brother stutters in fear.  He takes a slow, long stride down the stairs as he tries to get closer to where the noise is coming from. 

He turns his head around corner and he immediately sees an intruder– a flourescent, green-colored mouse!  Brother pounces on the mouse, flips it up into the air, and wrestles with it.  He tosses it around until it stops “moving.” 

Then, after the mouse doesn’t show any sign of escape, he places his paw on its tail. 

“Wowee! I did it! I got it!”  Brother says as he jumps up and down in excitement.  “Now, I have to bring it to Dad to show him what I caught,” he says.  And so, Brother, in a feat of victory, carries the “intruder” up to the bedroom where Mom and Dad are asleep and places the “intruder” on Dad’s head. 

“Look what I caught, Dad!” Brother meows with joy.  “I told you I’d keep you safe from intruders!” he purrs.

Stella and Sophia wake up and congratulate Brother on a job well done.  Instead of going back to bed, the three decide to patrol the house for a bit just to make sure all of the intruders are gone.  They seem to have everything secure….until they get to the kitchen.  “Whoa! What’s that?!” Brother says.  And with that, the Guard Cats are right back to work…

Until next time…

Guard Cats: Off Duty

10 Aug

Well, today, the Guard Cats have a well-deserved day off from guarding the Villa.  Mom and Dad plan to be home all day, so Stella thought this was the perfect opportunity for the cat trio to get some well-needed rest and relaxation.


Of course, the difficult part of taking the day off is deciding what the Guard Cats are going to do.  They have differing interests and hobbies, but at least they all agree on one thing– they would like to spend their day off together!  So, Sophia suggests instead of taking too much time arguing about what to do, they should play rock, paper, scissors and whoever wins, gets to choose their activity for this day off. 

They all agree and after some mild bickering and near pushing and shoving, Sophia is the winner and gets to choose.

Sophia has many hobbies in her free time, but she has been meaning to do one of her ol’ favorites– dumpster diving with the alley cats! Sophia was so excited, she could picture it now– alleys full of dumpsters with all sorts of thrown away food and garbage to pick through, mice and other rodents running around, her outdoor cat friends to hang out with…”Oh boy,” Sophia yelled, “I can’t wait!”  Stella just rolled her eyes as she would have preferred a relaxing day by the pool. 

Brother seemed not to care either way. 


He is afraid of alleys, dumpsters, alley cats, most rodents, and just about everything else, but since there is food involved, he’s in!

And so, the Guard Cats made their way downtown to enjoy their day off Sophia-style.  It seemed to go very well.  They were happy to return to the Villa re-energized, which was a good thing, because of what they saw when they got home…

Until next time…

The Cat’s Out of the Bag

8 Aug

Stella, Sophia and Brother are very aware of anything or anyone strange that may come into the Villa.  As Guard Cats, it is of course their job to make sure that nothing in the Villa presents a danger to them or Mom or Dad.  So, on grocery day, when countless plastic bags suddenly appear in the kitchen, Stella, Sophia and Brother sound the alarm and get right to work.

“Hurry up and get down here, Mom and Dad are back,” Brother signals from his post high up in the far window overlooking the driveway. 

“Now, make sure to properly greet them when they come in by rubbing against their legs and walking between their feet,” Sophia reminds them.  The front door of the Villa swings open, and as the Guard Cats go to greet Mom and Dad, they get their first glimpse of the bags they’re carrying.  “What is this!?” Stella yells. 


“Follow them, follow them…make sure we check everything in those bags,” she commands.  Sophia and Stella quickly race to the kitchen to get a better view from the counter as the plastic bags are now on the floor. 


“I’ll search these bags here and you two check the others,” Sophia tells them.

“We have to look in each one for safety,” she adds.  So, the Guard Cats root through the bags and find nothing suspicious. 

Stella was pleased with a job well done.  Brother was exhausted.  Sophia….well, while she didn’t find anything suspicious in the bags, she did find something that caught her interest…tomatoes!


“Now, if I can only drag this container under the bed away from the others,” she thought to herself.  It didn’t matter, though, because Dad soon came to their rescue with cans of Fancy Feast for a job well-done.

Until next time…

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